August 7th, 2002

Reverse Sexism?

My boyfriend told me he thinks I'm sexist. He once jokingly told me that I'm a man-hating lesbian who's made an exception. I really do love women, being a woman, cunts, bleeding, everything about being female. I want to be a midwife. But he thinks I'm anti-male as well. How can I fix this? Still be so woman friendly and yet squelch any irkness towards men.


Okay, I know it's my first post in here, so I'll intorduce myself. My name's Linda, and I've been reading for a while.

I just wanted to give a little rant about timing. I just got a yeast infection. It blows in general at any time. But it especially blows when you get it on the same day that you get your PERIOD!!!

*sigh* Ick. For a normal tampon-wearer, this sucks.
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Wynken & Sabine
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just a short message

I just thought i would mention that my HPV community is coming along very nicely. We have 25 members at the current time. Happy that we have so many members but sad that we have so many members. We are very friendly and have grown to have many common understandings. It is very nice to have other people to talk to and get advice from. The act of trading knowledge is a very important one.

So if you have genital warts or dysplacia (HPV) then check out the community! I also do anon posts for the people who are not interested in having the community name show up on their user info page. (

thanks for letting me advertise! this community rocks. i read you all so carefully.

xoxox wynken

(no subject)

i'm pretty sure i have a yeast infection.
so last night i peeled a thingy of garlic.
and now i have garlic in my cunt.
never done this before.
it's very exciting.
how long should i leave it in there?
and should i change it?
give my cunt a break a couple of times a day?

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(no subject)

I've made an appt to have my calcified sebaceous cyst removed from my coochie on Friday, and here's my period. Maybe I'll try out that Instead thing this time, as I'm out of tampons.