August 6th, 2002


Sorry for the cross-posting :)

I've been reading a little about Damiana, and was wondering if any of you wonderful people could tell me what you know.

So far it seems good for libido and depression, but not for irritable bowel syndrome.

One method of taking it is smoking, would that negate the IBS problems?

Have you tried this? Have your friends? Do you have any stories? Can you tell me in what form you took it (tea, tablet, smoked, etc)?

Thanks for your help guys! I really appreciate anything you can tell me.
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The link, the link, the link is on fire.

I feel like a total dork :) You know how we're meant to stay on topic? And if you're asking something that's been asked four hundred times you're directed to the page where it has all the answers.

Where is that page?

I clicked around on various links and I couldn't find it. And I know it's somewhere totally, painfully obvious.

You can file this one under "Stupidest Question". That way, when anyone says, "This is probably a stupid question...." you can just direct them to this to reassure them :D
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for if this happens again..

ok, yesterday i was stupid.

i went swimming with my friends, and realized after i put on my bikini, that it'd been a couple days since i shaved, and there was a bit of stubble poking out. so i grab my razor, run it under water, and get rid of the stubble.

swim for about an hour in a heavily chlorinated pool, then took a shower, and finished shaving(it's gotten addictive.. i can't stand not to)

oh, the itch.
oh, the horrible, unending ITCH.

lotion didnt help... actually kinda stung a little.

any suggestions for if i'm that air-headed again? (although my thought it to just swim in a tanktop and boxers from now on)

skipping periods

hi. i know that someone had asked this question earlier but i can't find it again so here it goes...

skipping periods on birth control pills? how safe is it? i'm thinking of doing it but would like to hear other peoples experience with it.

thank you!

birth control and sex

im going to call the doctor soon but i just thought id ask...

I'm taking a pill in which i take pills for all days. Basically i take a medication pill for 28 days until the day im supposed to start my period. Then i take a placebo pill with no meds (just so continuously take pill and dont forget)for 7 days until my period stops, then the medicated pill start back up again.

I have not started my period, yet im all done with my medicated pills (im always a few days behind the pills). I want to have sex over the next couple days (before my period actually starts), but im afraid that since im not taking the med pills i will risk getting pregnant. Do you think (or take the same kind of pill system) it's still safe for me to have sex and be covered by the pills from the days before?

i know its kind of confusing.... thanks anyways. ^_^

(no subject)

ok. 1st post here.
i've been having sex with my SO for a couple months. we're in a long distance relationship so it hasn't been *that* much. we've both been tested and i'm on the pill.
this is where it gets weird.
we have had unprotected sex and the last time he developed a rash around his area a few days after he left my place. he didn't go to the dr because it went away on it's own. i was just tested and know i'm clean...what could it be? i'm wondering if it would have to do with the pain i get in my lower stomach when we have sex. there are certain times where it's unbearable. could this be a uti? any possible connection?
even weirder the few times i've seen him this summer, he has gotten stomach aches...the aches subside when he leaves...but i'm wondering if he's allergic to me??? heh.
sorry i must sound very paranoid but one can never be too paranoid when it comes to this stuff i suppose.
thanks in advance for any advice.
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Intro's and Questions

Hello Ladies :). This is my first post here, and I wanted to introduce myself before I asked my question(s). My name is Jenny, and I think it's fabulous that a LiveJournal community like this exists. Ok, so anyway...

I guess I should just dive right into this one: No one can get me off (but me, myself, of course.) I've always considered myself to be a pretty relaxed girl, including when it comes to sex, but for some reason no one has been able to make me orgasm. And it hasn't been for lack of trying on their parts. I try to direct them, help 'em out or whatever, but then I just end up getting bored and faking it. So how can I remedy this? I mean, is it me? It could definitely be me, I suppose...

And my second question is, well, I have recurring yeast infections. I'll get rid of it, and then it'll come back in a matter of days or weeks. I tried diflucan once, and that seemed to work for the longest amount of time, but it still eventually comes back. Any suggestions?
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