August 5th, 2002

Recovering Yeasties and Sex

So, I recently just got over a yeast infection. I'm wondering, how soon after I'm recovered from that is it safe to have unprotected sex? I know everyone's screaming "But Sarah, its never safe to have unprotected sex!" I'm with a partner where we've both been tested, and I'm on the pill. I'm also a big VCF fan. So - in my case, unprotected sex is as safe as its gonna get.

So. How soon after a yeast infection seems to clear up is it save for your boy (or girl) to go down on you, or have unprotected sex? I'd rather the poor lad not get one.

Thanks, ladies! I'm going to stock up on dental dams and condoms.
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I'm about to go and see a doctor at the Brook Centre due to problems with my BC. I'm 22, from the UK and have never been to a gyno or had any sort of vagina check up that I can remember. Any suggestions on things I should ask about/ get checked? I know I should have done this ages ago, but it's lack of organisation/time not fear of scary doctors. I did get a letter about a cervical smear about a year ago and forgot to go to that too.

Also, does any one have any advice on how to help the nappy-rash effect from sanitary towels? I always find that by the end of my period, my vulva is red and irritated, which takes a few days to heal. I don't think it's a yi or anything else, but would welcome any advice on speeding up the recovery process. I'm planning to get a Keeper which should improve things but I'm too skint atm.

Thanks, you lovely people!
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Is this appropriate for this community?? I hope so...

Okay, DON'T think I'm a pervert, but Shawn wanted me to make this poll, and so here it is, hahaha. I realize some of you probably won't want to answer it, lol, but inquiring minds want to know what's popular! :P

Poll #51619 Getting personal, lol

When it comes to pubic hair, how do you maintain it?

Just trimming neatly.
It all comes off down there.
I shave most of it off, but leave just a tiny little patch.
I go natural, that's good enough for me.

If other, what do you do?

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