August 3rd, 2002

Thongs and yeast infections

I'm wondering if anyone has ever experienced getting a yeast infection from wearing thongs?
I've been trying to get used to wearing thongs for quite some time now because I think they are sexy and I have certain outfits that require no panty lines.
But, because the material rides up and keeps the crotch full of moisture I experience itching and I'm wondering if I'm getting a yeast infection because I'm wearing the thongs.
I'm not currently sexually active so it's not that and I can't think of any other reasons for the itching.
Please tell me if any of you have experienced discomfort because of your underwear.

I know this is a strange question, but I have read some weird ones lately....

the yeasties!

does anyone have any experience w/ natural remedies for yeast infections? specifically, has anyone had any luck with garlic 'suppositories'? how long did it take for the itchyness to go away? (I've lasted a little more than 24 hours & I may have to break down & get some monistat or whatever!)
Oh the drama


hello, this is my first post in the community. This is one of the many steps I have taken to be more comfortable with my body. I'm glad to see I'm not alone. Thank you and have a good day.
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merci beaucoup

Hey everyone I just wanted to thank all of the people who commented and were so kind. I think this community rules! I gotta run to get ready for work now...hope you all have a good day.

Pregnancy Test, and Getting Checked out

I have a few questions, and maybe someone can help...I want to take a pregnancy test, Just in case I could have gotten pregnant. How long after sex can I take it so it will show results and work? And also, I want to get my body checked out, but theres a problem, I do NOT want my mom to know that I'm going because I had sex.(I didn't even tell her when I started my period at 12, I keep things like this away from her)...So I want to go, but I'd have to get around her knowing about it, or give her another reason as to why I'm going. Unless there is a health clinic I could go to, so I can get checked out, and she wouldn't find out. I have no clue about what I should do next..Do I go to some small clinic, and they take care of me, and I just pay them or what?.. Thank you so much.
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jump start menstration!

hello hello! i have a question for you ladies! my period is really really late and i know for a fact that i'm not pregnant, do any of you know any methods for inducing menstration? i've tried blue cohosh and uva ursi... and i've tried menstral teas (store bought) and they haven't worked! i've also tried "imaging" (imagining my uterus gently shedding and whatnot) and NOTHING has worked! i've never had a regular cycle but this is getting ridiculous! i'm going on week 3 of being late! (and i'm not even sure if its "late" since i dont know how long my cycle is... all i know is that its KILLING ME!) so, yeah, if you gots any suggestions, i'm up for ANYTHING! thanks! xo.
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(no subject)

I've noticed some weird things about my vagina lately.
I've noticed several spots that seem to be raw or overly sensitive, urine stings them very badly. My vagina seems to be itching more, the itching isn't bad but I had never noticed any itchyness until now. I posted a few days ago about a small tear above my clit, which had never happened before until now.

I'm wondering what could be causing these things that I have never experenced before. A earlier post in this community mentoned thongs might be causing problems, such as infection. I wear thongs often and also shave all the hair down there. I haven't been touching my vagina as much lately and I'm not sexually active.
Does anyone have any insite about what might be causing my vagina to do these things? Is there anything I can do to help the raw spots, itching, tears to go away sooner or prevent them?

P.S- I'm so glad I found this community. You girls have helped me with things I've been too timid to ask anyone else. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Serious yeast infection control measures...

I have frequent recurring yeast infections. Usually I'm one of the folks posting to other people here about how to deal with them and banish them from your life, but I've run out of my own advice and I'm hoping someone out there can think of something I can't.

I've been getting at least 4 yeast infections a year for the last 5 years.
I take acidophilus supplements.
I wear cotton undies and breathable pants or skirts.
I wipe front to back.
I do not use tampons (I use Instead).
I do not used water-based lubes containing glycerine.
I do not use any products containing nonoxynol-9 (as it will without a doubt give me a yeast infection)
My male partner(s) and I use condoms to keep basic semen out of my acidic vagina.
I will admit that my diet is not as free of refined sugar as it should be, but, I've also seen no correlation between any of the changes I've ever made to my diet and my yeast infections.
I have tested negative for HIV and diabetes.


(no subject)

hi. first post. here i go!
i am currently sleeping with a friend of mine, a boy.
we had the classic definition of sex a few days ago for the first time.
i hadn't had sex with a boy in about a year (i tend towards the ladies).
it hurt like holy hell, so we stopped.
my question:
why did it hurt like holy hell?
it felt like this crazy intense pressure was building inside me, not the orgasmic kind.
like i was going to vomit up all my internal organs.
sorry for the yucky description, but it really felt like that.
the next day i started menstruating, so i thought it might have been particularly uncomfortable due to my cervix being very low that day, but does it explain all of that weird pressure ouchness?

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