August 2nd, 2002

why hello...

Hi everyone. My name is Nora and I'm 18, a virgin from Maine. Um this is a really big step for me but I just think this is a good place for honest questions that I may not feel comfortable asking others. Okay so here goes...

I have never had a long term relationship with a guy and I was just wondering what people's stance is on shaving pubic hair. Are guys totally disgusted if you don't shave? Is it assumed that you will? I just want to know if I am totally missing out on something. I'm hoping at some point I will find the right guy for me but I think I just need to know some basics. How do you girls feel about shaving? Or anything else in general. I feel like a big dork for asking...but I feel that I can here. Well, good to be here and thank you for your time.
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Apology ...

I apologize for my previous post. I didn't mean to upset anyone. I was simply passing on information that I received via email (as some of you suspected) and thought it might be useful information for some people. I am NOT a counselor, nor did I claim to be. My point in posting the message was sincere.

I'm sensing anger in a few comments to my post so I wanted to clarify.

Just lost it

I just got back from losing my virginity. I met the guy today, We hung out for awhile, and when we got back to his place, we just started going at it, and then an hour or 2 passes, and We were having sex. Oh, man it hurt. We used a condom, but he didn't like it, so he took it off, and I'm like "NO WAY" he puts the same on back on. I'm currently on my period, and Really Really freaking out about this. It didn't break, but, Im not sure when he put it back on, was it the same side he used before, or not. If he didn;t use the same side, Is there a chance I Could get pregnant?

He says he will call, but I don't think he will. And I dont know if i want him to.
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