Spider (earthstars) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pill and anxiety

Basically, every time I've been on the Pill I have had some sort of awful emotional side-effect- depression with Dianette, panic attacks and anxiety with Microgynon and panic attacks and anxiety with Cileste.

I totally forgot how Microgynon had made me feel and I went onto Cileste because of the contraceptive convenience and because my doctor basically said if women don't use the Pill they'll die of ovarian cancer.

After about a year (not sure exactly how many months), and running two packs together with really bad outcome (non-stop period for a whole month and messed up cycle after that, headaches, rashes) I got three weeks of crazy panic attacks, anxiety, nausea, obsessive thoughts, paranoia. Only after finally admitting defeat and telling my boyfriend, thinking I was going nuts and might need to see a doctor, did he point out my past experiences with the Pill and his sister's similar experiences when she took it.

I stopped taking it on my Pill-free week starting Monday. So just under a week as its now Saturday. I have seen improvement, sometimes I have had amazing moments of happiness and energy as I had before the Pill, but then if a moodswing comes it's really bad. Currently I am in an anxiety state that's looking like it'll be about six hours long.

How do I speed the process up to get these hormones out of my system? I can't sleep, I constantly have to talk to myself to distract my thoughts, I can't work, I can't do anything I love whilst the anxiety is here. Sometimes I just cry uncontrollably or get terrified something awful is going to happen- no reason, nothing, just uncontrollable emotions.

Tips please! I want to feel normal again. I don't want to take any more pills because in my whole life I have just had side-effects and nothing good happen from anything stronger than paracetamol. I just need my hormones back to how they should be so my mind can calm down.

Thank you :]
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