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Update on thyroid ultrasound

Thank so so much, sincerely from the bottom of heart, to everyone who pitched in and gave me advice, information, and their experience on my post about having to get a thyroid ultrasound here:


I wanted to reply individually to everyone, but was too flustered last night trying to quell my nerves.  Everything everyone here said added to my knowledge and a lot to comfort and was information I wasn't finding anywhere else last night.  So I really sincerely thank you.  You all live up to the "Superstar" moniker we use here.

For those who wanted an update.  They found a two inch (I think that's roughly 6 cm?) lump on my thyroid which also pressing on my esophogus/trachae.  The ultrasound tech (who was a woman thankfully for me as I just naturally feel more at ease around females when I already have issues with medical people and not being 'in control' and male medical people definitely trigger my feelings of being out of control in terms of being sexually assaulted in the past (I kind of hate that I'm 'prejudiced' this way, but I haven't been able to get over the feeling even though I had a male GP as a kid and I do not mean to cast aspersions on male doctors at all, just speaking to my personal comfort level) said it was pretty large and she was surprised I couldn't feel it when swallowing (which of course now I'm swallowing excessively trying to figure out if I can ACTUALLY feel it or if it's psychosomatic, haha).  I told her from the get go how nervous I was and she was very kind and answered all my questions, plentiful though they were.  The hopefully good news is that she thought it looked very good.  Said it looked like it was fluid filled and from the armchair 'net research I did last night here: 


it does like similar to a lot of the benign images I saw there.  There was some blood flow (she didn't saw this, but I'd gathered that was something important to look for from a few resources)  mixed in there, but it didn't look anything like the scary cancer images I saw.  So here's hoping.  I should hopefully find out on Tuesday and will definitely keep you posted.  If it's benign they'll likely try to drain it with a needle and she assured me I can ask for some anti-anxiety meds, so hopefully that will help.

I'm still pretty exhausted and still scared until I know for sure but feeling so much better than yesterday afternoon thanks in large part to you all. So thank you again, Superstars.  You rock.
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