thatssojessy (thatssojessy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Scared again.

So I was here last month scared out of my mind that I could be pregnant. Thankfully, my period came that weekend and everything was okay.

I'll recap my situation quickly-I had sex on June 10th with a condom. My period came on June 27. A month before, I had used Plan B because although we didn't have intercourse, I was scared that some fluids would be exchanged.

I tried calling a medical advice line with my OB/GYN office and they couldn't help me because I hadn't been there in a while. So that didn't make anything beeter

Now, I'm late again and I'm even more scared because my mom stated that there was a possibility of pregnancy. I plan on taking a test on Monday if it doesn't come this weekend, but I'm just stressed about what could happen :( I can't talk to my family about this because they're already upset that I had sex in the first place and that I destroyed their "perfect world".
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