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post-yeast discharge?

Hi everyone!
Long story short: Monday I had slight itching and discomfort but thought nothing of it other than heat irritation. Tuesday I found myself itching more, and it was more of a concentrated itch at the entrance of my vagina rather than the whole general area.

I've had a yeast infection before, and the tell-tall signs were present: itching, slight burn with itch, and dryness. I call my doctor and she called in a dose of Diflucan. I picked it up that night and took it.

Wednesday seemed worse than Tuesday, with the itching and dryness. I bought and used some Vagisil anti-itch cream on for releif.

It's now Friday and my symptoms are gone for the most part, except that... I went to pee just a few minutes ago and everything was fine, until I wiped. Just by habit, I looked at the toilet paper and there was a pretty large amount of discharge! Mind you, throughout the whole ordeal, I didn't have the cottage chessy discharge (I usually only get that if I let the infection get bad, which now doesn't happen if I catch onto the symptoms early!)

The discharge was yellow tinted (due to the urine?), thick, kind of mucusy and ...sticky/stringy? when I rubbed it between my fingers, and had no strong odor.

is this normal? I honestly haven't had a yeastie in years, and whenever I'm put on antibiotics for whatever reason, I am also perscribed Diflucan. I'm pretty confident this was a yeast infection because it has cleared up for the most part, and did not have any strong odors.

is it normal/possible to have thick, egg-white, light yellow tinted discharge when ridding of a yeast infection? there is no large amount of discharge on my panties, only when I wiped after urinating.

*note: I had my period on/around the 15th of this month, but never really notice an egg-white type discharge when ovulating.

thanks so much for any and all insight!

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