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Another "am I pregnant?" post -- period being wonky

Let me just start by saying I am so freakin' glad LJ is back up. I have been having this question on my mind for days now, and I missed you all. D:

Okay. So. My periods have always worked like clockwork (a phrase I'm learning to hate, because really, what does it even mean?) on a 28 day cycle. The amount of times it's been 29 days I can count on one hand, and the only other times it's been weird was when I took Plan B. This month, my period was due to start on the 26 of July, my previous one having started on June 30. Tuesday came around (which would have been the first day of my period) and my period never showed up, except for a tiny, tiny speck of blood on the rim of my Diva Cup. I almost didn't notice it at first. Wednesday came and still nothing, just some cramping. Finally, Thursday, what may or may not be my period shows. Since I'm using my cup, I can tell it's slightly different from usual. It started off Thursday afternoon as a small watery amount. As the day progressed, I continued to bleed, and I sort of got up to my usual amount for how many hours had passed between checking, but nowhere near what I usually have on my first day, and nowhere near the thickness I would have expected. It seems extremely thin and watery, sort of like what I had after I took Plan B (which I took most recently about three months ago, for what it's worth). I haven't had any particular stress that I'm aware of, no changes in sleep, diet, or exercise, and I know my boyfriend and I had been having sex around the time I ovulated (he never came inside me, and we did use condoms some of the time). For the most part, my anxiety about it has come down a lot, now that I'm bleeding, but it's just the weirdness of the circumstances that still have me wondering. I know periods can do wonky things sometimes all on their own, but I would just like a little comfort. I have a regular doctor's appointment this coming Thursday, and I plan on asking her for a pregnancy test (and a prescription for HBC) just to know for sure and ease mine and my boyfriend's minds. Thanks so much for any words of comfort/wisdom. :)
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