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Nuvaring/yeast infection ....need new birth control ideas plz.

So I started the nuvaring this past month and at first all was well no side effects and couldnt feel it during sex. Then I started having side effects like mood swings but still I can handle that. I took it out the 3rd week on Sunday (period week) and woke up Monday with the yeast infection from HELL!!! Seriously this is a deal breaker for me I suffer from chronic yeast infections to begin with so I dont want to deal with anymore than I have to. This is by far the worst yeast infection Ive ever had! I even had to take two rounds of meds since yeast arrest wasnt working. I had to use monistat and man does that stuff burn! By the way dont really know what happened to my period it never came. Took a prego test so I know im good. I used protection the 2 times I had sex (maybe the ring did that too? wasnt feeling sexy) So the nuvaring is definately out! Now I need a new form of birth control. I know we all handle BC methods differently. Yet I really would like to know if anyone has found a birth control method that doesnt give them yeast infections? Thanks!
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