Angelica (hewtab) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missing Period, NOT pregnant

Hello VPers,

So I am currently not on birth control, but I want to be. I have three packs of Sprintec ready for use as soon as my period starts (as per the instructions on the pamphlet). Only problem is, my period is missing! I tested negative on a pregnancy test (well after 19 days of the sex in question). I suspect it has gone MIA due to a lifestyle change? Last time I had my period (about 30-35 days ago) I had just been offered a job and was doing apartment hunting. Work started (added stress), my eating and sleeping habits changed (less eating, less sleeping). I started having (protected) sex again and I went through a little post Potter depression too. Now that I am no longer stressing about possibly being pregnant, I am wondering if my period is going to come late or just be skipped entirely.

My question is, should I start my Sprintec anyways and see if my period comes when I finish the first pack or should I just wait it out and continue using just condoms for the time being?

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