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Thinking about Switching to Implanon

 Hello All,

I'm currently on Monophasic Sprintec birth control pill.  I'm thinking about another form of BC  because I'm taking my pill consistently at the same time and sometimes I skip a day (I've been taking the pill since about March).  I want something I don't have to remember to take and I could just go about my day and not have to worry about it.

I took this Planned Parenthood test that said the BC shot, an IUD or the Implanon would be best for me.  I'm currently looking more into getting the implanon and I was wondering for those here that have it could tell me more about it?  I am doing other research, but first-hand accounts are helpful.
So my questions are as follows:

Does it show through your skin?
Have any of you had issues with break through bleeding? (I tried skipping my period using the pill, but that didnt work out well)
Have any of you had issues with implanting or removal?
Any general problems (skin irritation, rashes, surprising side-effects)?
Does it stop your period if you leave it in for the maximum three years?

Thanks in advance!
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