circle my mistakes (madraykin) wrote in vaginapagina,
circle my mistakes

weird period/cramping

 I posted a while ago asking about my pregnancy chances after a slip-up in my normal method.  Well, I'm not pregnant because I just had my period but this month (after the sex in question) I had the weirdest PMS symptoms ever.  I had period like cramping nearly every day until my period came, my boobs were heavy, I was so tired I napped every day.  Those symptoms disappeared after my period came but that has also been weird.  It started this past Wednesday (20th July) and finished today.  That's two days earlier than my period usually finishes.  It's also been lighter than usual but I have been passing clots.  I don't think I'm pregnant (I did take a pee test and it was negative) but I would like to know what the hell has been happening with my uterus.  Even today with nothing but black/brown blood I'm having fluttering cramps.  
Is this something I should see an OB about?  I don't want them to think I'm crazy/weird.  
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