Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Complex Ovarian Cyst - 6 cm/2 inches.

Hey VPers.

I'm kind of worried right now.

I went to the ER today because of pain I was having on my left side that radiated down my entire left leg.

I already knew I had a cyst there, but didn't know it was as huge as it had gotten. The last time I had it looked at (which was around 6 months ago or so), I remember my gyno saying it was small. But now it's 6 cm and that is actually pretty big for a cyst, right?

I'm also worried because it's complex, so it's part fluid and part solid. I am not sure what to think about this. I'm scared - does that mean it could be cancerous? I've looked around on the internet, but all it has done is scared me that this is not something to mess around with.

I plan on calling my gyno on Monday. I wish this hadn't happened on a weekend.

Have any of you out there had complex cysts and did you HAVE to have surgery to get it taken out? Can birth control be a treatment for complex cysts or is only simple cysts okay to treat with birth control? And besides birth control and surgery, is there anything else to shrink them and get rid of them?

PS - I'm not on birth control.
I'm 27.

Would like to hear from anyone, but for sure want to hear from those of you who have had complex ovarian cysts. Anyone have any as big as mine has gotten? :-\

Any reassurance?

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