washmapensha (washmapensha) wrote in vaginapagina,

Accessing Sterilization

I'm 23, my son is 3, I'm single and three semesters from finishing college. I  live in North Carolina. I have had an IUD (copper) in place for three years, and I had unprotected sex a month ago. I'm about a week late on my period, I've taken two pregnancy tests (negative) and I'm going to pick up another box tonight. I'm really tired of worrying about this, I do not want another child. I recently called around to the local womens' clinics and found out that it would cost $300 just to have a consultation with a doctor about whether I'm eligible for sterilization (But, my insurance - through school - would cover 80%/$500 for an abortion).


I'm thinking about trying to find out if there are any options for low-income women. I don't qualify for Medicaid because I refuse to have under $3000 in the bank (but if that's my only option I'll do it). Has anyone else (especially in North Carolina) had some form of sterilization without it being covered by insurance?
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