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What can delay your period?

Hi people,

I posted a few days ago because my period is totally MIA - it's been 8 weeks now since my last one. I'll say I haven't had the most regular cycles, and often go 5-6 weeks, but the last time I was at 8 weeks was when I first went off the pill almost a year ago. Since I have an IUD I thought there was no way I could be pregnant, but I peed on a stick anyway and the results were, as expected, negative.

So now I'm wondering what can cause your period to be so delayed. I haven't been stressed, but I have been traveling a LOT, like, across multiple time zones. I have flown to Asia and back twice in the last two months and been jet lagged for most of the time (as soon as I'd adjust to Asia time, I'd come back to the states!). Otherwise I feel normal and have had no other big changes or significant weight gain/loss since my last cycle.

So, has anyone else had a period be really delayed, or maybe even skipped, due to travel, jet lag, etc? I am trying not to worry something is wrong with me, so it'd be nice to know there's a plausible explanation for this!
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