Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Free BC, Blog Carnival, and Question. Also, Boobs.

As some folks know, in the US, a panel from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended to the Health and Human Services Committee that contraception sans copay should be included as preventative care. There's a blog carnival here (my submission is here if I can self-promote) examining the issue from a number of angles.

It got me thinking. In terms of access to health care -- even health care in the US -- I'm pretty darn privileged. I've never been long-term uninsured and always with policies that included some contraceptive coverage; additionally, in my professional life, I've always made enough money to at least comfortably afford the copays for generic medications. I've had IUDs and in-office sterilizations (hello, Essure, my BFF) essentially covered. That said, I've categorically discounted brand-name BCs -- when free samples weren't available -- and outpatient surgery procedures as unmanageable expenses.

And I come back to my privilege. If I'm relatively well off inside the US health care structure and I still can't access a full range of contraceptive options -- what does that say for a lot of other people?

So I ask -- What have been your experiences with financial access to BC? Would -- or have -- government subsidies or regulation have made a difference? Why or why not? (Folks outside the US are more than welcome to respond. And if everyone -- in or outside of the US -- would let us know their country/province/state of residence, that would be super fabulous.)

I also want to point out that the intent of this post is to talk about personal experiences, not to make general statements about the recommendations or who will or should be paying for what. It's not that I'm not interested in political statements or views, but VP is really more a place for the sharing of personal information. (But if you'd like to share political thoughts or opinions, I do read all my LJ PMs.)

Finally -- and this is a small thing -- are there any magic remedies for avoiding boob growth during PMS and period time? I've been on my new BC for 3 months now and had this happen every time, that my boobs grow 1-3 full cups sizes in the 2-3 days before and first 2-3 days of my bleeding time. I would love to just be able to buy bras in a second size to handle this, but -- my first size is 30/32G/GG. Finding extra bras -- that would only be worn for 1 week per month -- in 30/32H/HH is not so very much how I'd prefer to spend my time. Thoughts?
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