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cortisone and estrogen creams


My doctor recently prescribed me both cortisone and estrogen creams to use on my vulva.  The cortisone is to help with long term itching I've been having, and the estrogen is to hopefully help with vulvodynia.

I am super uncomfortable with the idea of putting these things on my vulva.  (I grew up never using phamaceutical drugs and they make me very nervous.)  I have been using the creams anyway, but it makes me really anxious.  I am probably worrying for nothing, but I was wondering if anyone could answer some of the questions I have. 

Have any of you used either of these medications?   Are there any side effects I should be looking out for?  Does it matter if those creams get on areas they are not supposed to be on (ex: my clitoris)?  Is there any way I could cause damage to myself?  The instruction say to "use sparingly", so I'm worried that I'll somehow put too much on and hurt myself.

Does the estrogen from the cream get into the rest of my body?  Could it possibly cause effects similar to hormone replacement therapy?  The idea that I'm using a form of hormone replacement therapy really worries me.  Is estrogen cream similar to HRT?

Do I have to keep using the cortisone for 6 weeks twice a day followed by 6 weeks once a day as recommended, or can I stop using it if the itching stops?  (I do plan to ask a pharmacist about this eventually if I want to stop using the cortisone, but in the meantime perhaps someone here knows.)  The area around the anus is also itchy but I forgot to mention it to the doctor, is it okay if I use it there too?

(I don't want to call my doctor to ask because she doesn't return my calls.  And anyway, I just called about a referral that was supposed to be put through two weeks ago and the secretary was extremely rude to me.  I asked how much longer the referral would take and she said "well, if you weren't complaining to me right now, I could be dealing with this," among several other rude comments.  I was in tears after talking to her so I'd rather not call back.)

Thanks so much!
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