smallwonders8 (smallwonders8) wrote in vaginapagina,

Delaying period with Yaz

Hi all,

I'm going on vacation and would really like to not have my period while I'm there. I'm on Yaz and I should be getting my period about 2 days before the end of my trip and was hoping I could delay it those few days. I've heard that Yaz follows the 21/7 rule even though it's 24/4 pills...could I wait a full 7 days (as opposed to 4) before starting the new pack without compromising protection? Has anyone ever done this before? Would it be more likely I'd have spotting or the effectiveness would be compromised at all? The other option is to try stacking and just start my new pack instead of taking the placebos but I've never done that before.

Any suggestions or similar experiences would be great! Thanks!!
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