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Period - MIA

Hello VP'ers. I have a question about my missing period and when it's time to call the police on it. Just kidding, kind of.

So after a decade on the Pill, I went off HBC about a year ago, during which time I had the regular withdrawal bleeding. At first after stopping the pills, my cycles were about 2 months long, then last winter they shortened up to about 5-6 weeks or so. I got a copper (nonhormonal) IUD in April and had a 6.5 week cycle for my first period with the device. My last period was at the end of May, so now we're coming up on 8 weeks here. I had what felt like some minor cramps about two weeks ago, but they were only intermittent for a couple days and led to now bleeding.

I had my doc check IUD placement after it was inserted, and I've felt the strings, so I think it's in there properly. I know it's 99% effective, so I'm not terribly worried about pregnancy. I'm otherwise feeling totally healthy and fine, no excessive stress or other illnesses. I've been traveling a lot, but that's the only lifestyle change.

Does coming up on 8 weeks for this cycle sound like reason to be concerned to anyone? At what point should I start worrying? And can long cycles be an indication of a bigger problem (with no other noticeable symptoms), or can they cause a problem themselves?

Thanks everybody!
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