PaperDollyBurnd (paperdollyburnd) wrote in vaginapagina,

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for the support you've given me a few months ago regarding an abnormal pap. I decided to wait three months (which actually ended up being about four and a half months) to retest instead of automatically going for the colposcopy like my dr suggested. Turns out, the repeat pap came back absolutely normal. I'm very relieved!

But now I'm needing some wisdom. My cycles have always, always, always been 28 days. I was so regular prior to having my son that it even came during the same time of day. Every now and then it'll go as long as 31, but it is NEVER shorter than 28. Until now. Last cycle I started bleeding around 21 days. The bleeding only lasted 3 days and never really got heavy. So, I stressed and thought "implantation bleeding". I tested, negative. I waited a few days, tested, negative. Well, here it is cycle day 21 and I'm bleeding again.

Is this something I need to call my Dr. about? (considering I JUST had the repeat pap a week ago. She didn't do a pregnancy test) Why could a period possibly be so early? Could this be a hormone problem? I'm 24, 3 pregnancies, 1 living child. I charted to conceive my son so I'm pretty aware of my cycles. This just baffles me.
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