Lindsey ♥ (ticklemepiink) wrote in vaginapagina,
Lindsey ♥

YI Agony

So, about a week ago I developed a minor yeast infection. I knew it was that because I recently finished an antibiotic and I had been in a wet bathing suit a lot.

I have never had problems with it until now, so I picked up a Monistat 3 pack and used it for 3 days. The YI appeared to be gone. I had sex with my fiance.

Enter YI stage left. It was back and raging so I got another Monistat 3 pack. Took it for 2 nights, felt better. On Sunday I was in a Mud Run [5k through mud] and wore compression shorts and running shorts. Nothing got in my vagina, but it was very moist. Before the race, I felt great... after the race, AWFUL. Thankfully, I still had day 3 of the second pack. I took it and took a nap. When I woke up I was in agony so my fiance went out and got me ANOTHER monistat 3. In retrospect, I know how stupid this was... but I was desperate. Cool baths weren't doing it, neither was an ice pack.

I used the first night of the third pack and went to bed. Mind you, that was only about 5 hour difference between uses. I used one after the race and one for bed that night. I woke up yesterday morning in extreme pain. My doctor couldn't get me in but I had a diflucan prescription filled. It currently feels like I have little paper cuts all over the inside of my vagina, entrance to it, and labia. I cannot pee without being in the shower because it's extreme pain. I also still have a slight yeast itch. The burning pain is much much much worse than the YI now though! What did I do to myself? Is this an allergic reaction? A chemical burn?

My doctor's office kind of sucks and I am waiting for a call back to see if an on call doctor can see me because they're booked... I also made an appointment at a NEW place for tomorrow because I am so desperate. I am not sure if I can make it until tomorrow. I only feel ok in the tub, shower, or holding ice on it. I keep crying from pain. I don't know what to do. Has anyone had this happen before???
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