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BC & Sex Drive

Hey All,
This past weekend I was at my boyfriend's house and I started my sugar pills on Sunday. (I take Lo-Ovral 28) Now, I have never been with him while not on active pills since we live 2 hrs apart and I only really get out to stay with him every 2 weeks or so but I had a schedule change at work this week so I went for an extra few days. Long story short, yesterday I was insatiable when it came to sex. I love having sex with him but sometimes I feel too dry or just not totally into it. So my question is, can being off the active pills for only 24hrs really cause that much of a difference in my sex drive or do you think it was just coincidental?

In possibly unrelated news, we have been together 6 Mo and the L word was dropped on Sunday so that could possibly have something to do with it too. But if it is the pill, I may have to get there on sugar pill week now!
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