gavinsmommy84 (gavinsmommy84) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bad UTI, maybe?

I'll begin by saying that I'm very prone to UTI's, probably have a few a year. Most of the time, I don't even realize I have them until I start feeling overall terrible, go to convenient care, and discover it's a UTI. I've already had one this year, back in the winter or spring.

Now, jump to Saturday morning (the 16th). My husband and I woke up and were going to sneak in a quickie before getting up with the kids for the day. We started having sex, and something didn't feel right. I had him stop, and as he got off me, I felt this horrible, incredible pain in my stomach. It felt like my insides were being ripped in half, almost similar to labor contractions. So, I cried and layed there in agony, finally was able to get dressed and went to the emergency room because the pain was just so intense, I had no idea what it could be.

Once I was there, I had blood work and a urine test. The doctor did a pelvic exam, but none of that seemed uncomfortable. Poked around on my stomach (he was concerned about appendicitis), but that didn't result in any pain. Mostly, my stomach area in the middle was just incredibly sore.

His diagnosis was a UTI, which I do get often, but have never been in that much pain before. He said my "blood count", whatever that means, was elevated more than he thought it would be, and was still concerned about appendicitis, but I declined to do a CAT scan to see if it was my appendix. Figured I'd just go home and if I got to feeling worse, I'd go back to the ER since I only live a couple blocks from the hospital.

They gave me 1000mg of Lortabs for pain and an IV antibiotic while I was in the ER, and sent me home with a prescription for the painkiller and for Cipro. I've been taking the antibiotics, not the pain meds really since I'm not in that much pain. But the rest of the day Saturday, I did spend puking any time I ate anything. My stomach is still sore, but it's gradually getting better.

So, now, here comes the question. The incredible amount of pain triggered by sex just didn't seem like any other UTI I've ever had. I was wondering if maybe I had an ovarian cyst rupture. The ER doctor said he didn't see signs of that, but from reading here, I've heard that you can only tell that by an ultrasound. He didn't do one, only did a pelvic exam. And last night, I started spotting. I'm on HBC and I never spot when it isn't my withdrawal week.

So, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about what I experienced, or any advice on where to go from here. I don't have a primary care doctor, and my insurance is not all that great.

Thanks a bunch!
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