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Newcomer to BC-When to Start Alesse?

 I apologize if this seems a commonly asked question, but I felt this was the best place to ask.

Hello! I am Victoria, 17 years old, and about to start on Alesse. This is my first time using BC, and the reason for my starting it is due to some unpredictability in the way of when my period comes, and also cramps. It's nothing dire, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. Of course, there is also the factor that my long-distance boyfriend will be coming back in October, and I want to make sure that everything is hunkydory by then.

My main question is when should I start on it? Does it matter? My doctor didn't give any suggestions, more a "decide what's best for you" answer, and the pack suggests either the first Sunday after my period starts, the fifth day, or the first day. My period started this last Sunday, making my fifth day today. I'm just generally unsure of when to take it, and how it will affect my use of the pill, if at all. I might start taking it the first day of my next period, if I'm still unsure by dinnertime today, just because I get pretty anxious about stuff like this. 
I'd really appreciate any advice from Alesse users or just BC users in general. I'm nervous about starting on BC, especially since I can't ask my mother for any advice (she's not entirely supportive, because she sees it only as a contraceptive and doesn't know about or approve of the boyfriend). 
Thanks in advance!
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