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not preggo :(

Damn. I want a baby - sometimes more than others - this month my hormones were screaming at me to have one

stoopid period

It started this AM at 11:30 *curses a blue streak*

The PMS has been WORSE this month than ever  lasting OVER a week- even being like preggo symptoms (from what I have heard) - oh and my period was a few days late - lending me hope that I might be

OMG my nipples hurt so bad I can hardly stand to wear a bra for this whole week! - then last night my whole boob started hurting, with crampies and a tough time at work lately, my legs hurting, the clumsies and dumbsies this past week (ditsy was an understatement that is NOT me)

all my friends even my hubby were raising up their eyebrows asking me if I was preggo - I *knew* I wasn't - but I wanted to be - more than anyone knows. Hubby is the least sympathetic person on the planet for anything be it a paper cut or a death of a pet  or anything inbetween - so cant call him and whine and expect sympathetic noises.

so here I am a hormonal disappointed mess, crying, with no one to call and whine to - so you wonderful people will hopefully put up with me and hand me virtual chocolate and tissues :(

I am so crushed about this
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