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Heavy bleeding, huge clots and other such unpleasantries. :(

Hello, lovelies.

I'm pretty much an unhappy panda over here. Supposed to be working right now, but trying so hard not to cry. I don't really have any friends that I can get ahold of right now, so I'm posting this both to see what you wonderful people think, and maybe to (ugh, so pathetic) just ask for a few kind words.


I just turned 31 (literally just, my birthday was two days ago) and I am over-weight. I know those are two things that contribute to my current misery, which is why I mention it. I have a family history of endo (mother and grandmother) and my mom has apparently had all sorts of issues with ovarian cysts and thyroid crap. Don't really know specifics, she just said I should get my T3 & T4 checked out.

So. For the last year, my period has been stupidly irregular. I went like... four months without having a period at all, then the last three periods have been really, really, really heavy. Not only that, but I've been passing huge clots, about the total volume of a golf ball, sometimes even a little more, ranging in color from black to bright bright red to a dark ruby color (best I can describe it). There occasionally is bits of white-ish or pale-ish tissue in the clots as well.

Then in about mid June, I started bleeding... and about a month later, I still haven't stopped. I went and saw my doctor and she said that it was my age and my weight, and that overweight girls just have horrible, horrendous periods. Honestly, I'm not really sure I liked this doctor, because she seemed pretty judge-y about weight and I felt pretty terrible about myself when I left. I've tried to lose weight and I just don't seem to be able to stick with a weight loss program and I already feel terrible and undisciplined about it without having doctors shame me, too.

Anyway, tangent over with. I'm basically needing to change a heavy overnight pad every three to four hours, because it's totally soaked. And I'm passing these huge clots, pretty much at least one an hour. I've also had some pretty obnoxious pain, it's too high to be in the vagina, I'm pretty sure it's in my ovarian region. I was trying to explain it to my boyfriend and the only way I could describe it was extreme soreness and sharp, stabbing pains in my ovaries. It's on both sides.

My doctor did order an ultrasound and a blood draw, both of which I had this morning. It was a pelvic and trans-uterine and let me tell you, that was all sorts of uncomfortable. She had some trouble locating my right ovary, but she tells me that she did eventually find it. "You still have both your ovaries, right?" <-- NOT what you want the ultrasound tech to be asking you. I was trying not to cry when she was moving the probe around, especially when she was getting pictures of the left ovary, because it hurt so much. I went to work (totally should have taken the day off) and promptly dropped a clot the size of the palm of my hand, and super thick, when I used the toilet. And now I'm sitting at my desk, trying not to cry because my pelvis hurts so much, stressing about getting my results.

So... that's my story, what do you think, m'dears? :/  Should I relax and not worry so much, because it's probably just my age (and accompanying changes in horomones) and weight? With my family history, do I have real cause for concern? I understand that there are folks in this community who suffer(ed) through WAY scarier things than this, but this is scary to me. :( So, any kind words too, would really be appreciated. *hugs to all*

EDIT: Just heard back from the doc with my results. Ultrasound was clear/normal, no cysts, thyroid and prolactin levels were normal. I am anemic from bleeding for so long, and she said that the reason for the insane-o heavy bleeding is just because I have a really thick endomitrial right now and that there really isn't any particular explanation for why it is that way. She had prescribed Provera (10 mgs for 10 days) for me to try to stop it after my last appointment and while that slowed it down, it didn't stop it, so now she's going to up the dosage with 20 mgs for 14 days, to see if that stops it. She also wants me to grab an iron supplement called Slow FE and take it twice a day, but I've heard that iron supplements can constipate you. I've heard that something called pure iron, is better. Any suggestions for that? Oh, and a women's multivitamin.

Thank you for all the kind words, folks. I'm not worrying quite so badly anymore now that tests came back without bad news.Heavy
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