for emily, wherever, whenever i shall find her (tornattheelbo) wrote in vaginapagina,
for emily, wherever, whenever i shall find her

poss. bladder kidney infection?

So some events leading up to last Friday found me with a UTI. I couldn't make it to a doctor until Sunday, and my symptoms were fairly normal, I felt like i needed to pee constantly, and i had a dull ache in my pelvic region. When i went to the walk-in clinic the lineup was fairly long and so i ended up voiding while i was waiting, but almost forgot to get a sample, when i caught it it was right at the end of my pee, i had to force a bit into the cup and i could see at that point that it was in fact, bloody because my urine up until this point seemed clearish, though i did notice that when i wiped it'd be a bit orangey...


The doctor prescribed me a 5 day course of macrobid and i'm on day 4, and my symptoms went through periods of feeling like they were clearing up, and then coming back...

I have been drinking copious amounts of water, and also Green and Licorice Root tea, maybe up to 2L ... I was wondering if this might be part of the reason why the medication isn't working? Am I diluting it too much?
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