Dolkar (firebomber) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cost of pap/pelvic at PP with no sliding scale?

Hi all.

My last pap/pelvic was in 2007 so I decided to schedule an appointment for that, as well as to check out if I have some sort of infection (I'm thinking it might be BV).

The Planned Parenthood here is apparently no longer on a sliding scale because of the defunding, and they told me that the most it would cost would be $230 with all the tests and what-not.

I'm a virgin so I don't need STD screenings of any kind, so I was wondering if anyone could help me narrow down how much I might have to pay for a pap/pelvic and medication for BV, if I have it? I also plan on getting back on birth control but if I go back on what I used to be on, it's one of the cheap ones I can get at CVS.

I'm unemployed right now and not having any idea how much this is going to cost me is stressing me out.

I live in the DC metro area and the PP closest to where I live is in Silver Spring, Maryland, so if anyone from the area could recommend free clinics or whatever, that would also be great. I've not had very good luck with free mental health clinics so I'm wary of getting an appointment at a free clinic here without having any personal experiences to go off of.

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