Сole Lindsay (venusinfurs65) wrote in vaginapagina,
Сole Lindsay

Spotting On Continuous Method Birth Control

I've been on Diane35 for a few years, my doctor switched me to YAZ (had an allergic reaction), and switched back to Diane35 in March. I'm on continuous method, and have had no problems with it. About two weeks ago I had some light cramping, then brown discharge. This lasted 5 days then went away completely. Two days ago I had a tiny bit of spotting, not enough for even a pantyliner, gone the next day, and a bit back today. I haven't missed any pills, and they've been taken the same time everyday. I'm assuming this is in relation to the fact the sugar pills are skipped and it's not causing me any pain so I'm not too worried. I'm just a bit concerned because the pamphlet says this is common, but usually in the first three months. My primary doctor is out of town, and I have a appointment at a clinic next week. Has anyone had anything similar happen?
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