a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Scared I have ovarian cancer - take three

I suspect some of the mods/experts here are curling into a ball weeping when they see my icon pop up at this point.

Long story short - I have one very large ovarian cyst and one smaller one on the other side. They're complex and there is some concern that they might not be benign, though the gyn/onc added his opinion of "it's really unlikely" to the pile. I'm having the giant one out in a couple of weeks; the little guy probably depends on what the big one turns out to be. Really, really scared but also really looking forward to finding out what this thing is. I'm feeling a little calmer now that a doc I've never met before is telling me he's pretty sure it's not cancer. (I don't know, doctors who know me I sometimes think downplay things a little because they know I'm a huge hypochondriac.)

Anyway, what I'm here about today is, off and on for a few weeks (or longer, I can't remember exactly) I've been having miserable hot flashes. The one I'm in the middle of now has been going since yesterday. I have my AC blowing directly on me at a lower temperature than I generally use for room maintenance and I'M STILL HOT. Can this be related to ovarian cysts? I googled hot flashes in conjunction with ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer and a host of other things and came up with nothing. I started my period last night so I'm thinking that's probably why this one is refusing to leave/is worse than the others, but they seem unrelated to my cycle otherwise. Also, for the past week my boobs have hurt like crazy, which is NOT something I usually get with PMS. Am I just a hormonal wreck, from the cysts or something else? Should I be worried? (Uh, I will be anyway. But is it justified?) Is there anything I can do to stop being so damn hot? (I'm assuming no, but never hurts to ask.)

I had my thyroid checked a few years ago and it was fine.
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