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BV found at Annual Exam?

Hey Divas,

So I just got back from an annual gyno exam and had a question to throw out there. So for the past 3 years that I've gone I have been told that they found a small amount of discharge and opt to test me for chlamydia  and gonorrhea. I was given a couple doses of antibiotics right then and there, before the test results came back. All of the tests come back negative two years in a row and as of last year I was told that I probably just have a higher white cell count than average. This being said, I have absolutely no symptoms or problems down there... I notice occasional discharge in small very amounts, maybe once or twice a month...something I thought I was "normal". I dont notice any odor,pain, stinging, itching, painful sex or cramping etc.

After the exam the NP asked me if I had any symptoms and if I have had any new sexual partners since last year. I answered honestly, saying that I have had no new partners, that I ALWAYS use condoms and the pill with my current partner and that I haven't noticed any symptoms. She repeatedly questioned me and kind of insinuated that I was lying. I'm quite frustrated with this happening at every annual, and she said that it wasn't in my chart last year or the year before about the discharge or antibiotics. About a month ago I was on an extended course of Azithromycin for an un-gyno related infection and have not had sex since... today after the exam I was prescribed the same medication and dosage for the discharge.This being said, I feel that if it was Chlamydia or gonorrhea that it would have been treated on my last go around with antibiotics.

Has anyone else had a similarly frustrating experience? After reading the VP website, I'm leaning towards the idea that it is Bacterial Vaginosis.  Is this something that Planned Parenthood would test for along with STIs? I feel that being in a monogamous relationship and using condoms ALL the time would put me in a low risk for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea and I'm just trying to get to the bottom of why I keep having this mysterious non symptomatic discharge and keep testing negative for other STI's.
Thanks for your help in advance :-)
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