pinkmath (pinkmath) wrote in vaginapagina,

What is this? Wart? Pimple?

I've noticed a 'bump' on my inner labia close to my vagina opening. It wasn't really a bump per say though, it was more of a egg shape thing barely attached to my skin by the "smallest" side. It mildly hurt to be touched.  Anyway I thought it was a pimple so I pinched it with my finger nails and pulled it off. ow. Hmmm no blood, no puss, and no more pain. What is this??

The egg shaped thing was almost clear.  It didn't act like a pimple more like the things I get on my tongue. If I bite my tongue I put salt on it and a 'sore' pops up (looks exactly like the egg thing) then I take a tweezers and pull it off OWCH and then it bleeds like crazy.

The only reason I am remotely worried/curious is because four weeks ago I let my boyfriend finger me briefly.  The reason it was brief was because I asked him if he had washed his hand and he said "Yes at the the restaurant."  Which had been 30+ minutes ago and had since eaten, open numerous doors, and climbed three flights of stairs using the hand rail. EWWW!!

So unwashed hand in my vagina now has me worried about a skin thing instead of a YI or BV which I was kind of expecting.  (My period arrive a few days after than flushing those worries out.)

Any insight would be appreciated.
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