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Hi all-

I hope you can all bear with me, I'm very nervous about some recent test results and hope you all can help explain what's going on in my body.

I just got a call that my pap smear from a week and a half ago showed AGC (Atypical endocervical glandular cells of undetermined significance). The paperwork says these abnormal calls can become worse and progress to pre-cancer or cancer. In additional, my paperwork says there is epithelial cell abnormality and high grade changes. My doctor told me that these were the worse kind of cells I could have and I needed a colposcopy immediately. My colposcopy is scheduled for this Thursday.

Background: This Pap smear was my third in a series of not normal results. Last July during my annual exam I had atypical cells and it was recommended I follow up in January. I did and this time, my results were "normal" but the doctor said cells were missing that they like to see (I believe they were endocervical cells, but I am not entirely sure. From what I'm reading, this can indicate a poorly done test), and recommended I follow up in six months. The follow up was the test last week.

Other history which may/may not be relevant:
In late 2008 I was bleeding almost 3 weeks a month while on Ortho Cyclen. I was bleeding whenever I had an orgasm, whether or not there was penetration). This bleeding literally began the night I first had sex with Partner B (who was significantly smaller than Partner A, although he does have very large hands). I had STD tests (negative) and ultimately an ultrasound to see if there was anything abnormal (they didn't find anything). After the ultrasound, I don't think I ever had issues with bleeding. I was put on Microgestin FE 1.5/30 and have only experiences break through bleeding once and have only had my period about 7 times since going on it in 2008.

In November 2010, I had a very bad UTI or Kidney Infection which seemingly had no cause (I had not had any form of sex in a few months). It never hurt to urinate, but I tested positive for whatever is in the urine that makes you test positive for UTIs. I had an extremely high temperature, my blood pressure was VERY low (like 70/50), and my pulse was around 120-130 BPM. I had IVs, antibiotics (both through an IV and orally), and anti-nausea medication (again, both through and IV and orally).

Sexual past: 4 partners, all-males. Partner A from 2003-2007 (as far as I know monogamous, although he had 4 sexual partners before me and he was my first. Did not always use condoms), Partner B from 2008-2009 (cheated, always used condoms), Partner C in 2009 (always used condoms), Partner D from 2009-present (Do not always use condoms). If it makes a difference, I am 25.

My questions:
1) What do these results all mean in laymen's terms? Obviously I've googled the heck out of it, but I don't fully grasp what all these terms mean together, and what it means with my history.

2) Is the colposcopy horrible? I am having it done Thursday morning and am scheduled to work at 2:00 Thursday afternoon. I'm usually pretty good with any kind of medical procedure, but I'm worried about how this will affect me mentally and physically. Is it something I'm going to want to take the rest of the day off for?

3) Partner D and I are in a long distance relationship and it's something I think we both mutually plan on breaking off once we can do it in person. I realize that because I have these abnormalities, it's 99.8% likely it's causes by HPV. I know I need to talk to Partner D, since he has almost certainly been exposed and I want him to know for his future partners sake (and honestly, I am growing less and less certain he's actually been monogamous, so also for the sake of anyone he has been with besides me during our time together). Should I talk with my other past partners? I am good friends with all except Partner A, but of course would reach out to him if the health of him or his fiance is at stake.

4) How does this affect my future sex life? Will whatever strand of HPV I have always be there? If I am in a committed monogamous relationship, will I be able to engage in oral sex without fear of giving my partner oral cancer?

5) Could my mysterious UTI have anything to do with what was happening on my cervix?

6) What are questions (beyond the above) that I should ask my doctor before/during/after the colposcopy?

 Edit: Thanks for you input so far. It definitely made me feel better. However, I just went to the restroom and am experiencing breakthrough bleeding (which as I wrote above hasn't happened for several years). It's "fresh" blood too, not the brown stuff that normally comes out during my period. My doctor opens in 10 minutes so I will call them then, but ugh :(

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