Salamander (pixelchild) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC + antibiotics + boy drama

So. Basically yesterday I had sex with a friend of mine for the first time. We didn't use a condom because it wasn't exactly premeditated, just a spur of the moment thing, and I am on the pill and I know he doesn't have any STI's etc, so I let it happen and it was fun :)

The problem is, he came inside me, which is normally fine as I am on Cilest and I have been relying on it as a sole method of contraception for 3 years, with my past two boyfriends and have had no problems whatsoever. BUT I am just at the end of a week of Penicillin for a throat infection. I know that there are only two types of antibiotic which are proven to affect the pill, and even then the effect is negligible, so chances are I'm just as protected as ever (I take my pill at exactly the same time every morning and I have only missed about 3 ever in the 3 years I've been taking it).

However, the guy is freaking out that he thinks I might get pregnant. And the simple fact that HE is freaking out is making ME freak out. And I wont be getting my pill-free week for another fortnight. So basically what I'm asking is, am I right that I'm almost certainly ok? Or should I go for Plan B tomorrow? I also have a pack of Cerazette pills (progestin-only) left over from last year when I was considering Implanon, as well as spare packs of Cilest (combined). Any chance I could take say 4 or 5 or either of those brands to be the equivalent of Plan B?

It was a one-time accident and from now on I will make sure we have condoms handy, but I just need to calm everyone down right now >.<

Advice/reassurance please?
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