Kat (ohdarlingx) wrote in vaginapagina,

I accidentally took two bc pills

Hey everyone!

I have a small question: this morning I woke up to take my pill as usual and I noticed on my pack the pill labeled Saturday was still there so I thought in those early hours of the morning that I forgot to take it yesterday so I took two (Saturday and Sunday's). Then I realized I hadnt forgotten, but that the days were late because I started with the wrong pill in my first week anyway.

Basically I just took two Alesse for no reason... What are the side effects of this overdose going to be?

Should I continue as normal, and add an extra pill from my back-up pack? I don't want to change my period schedule.

Do I need extra protection? Not sure why I would, considering if anything I'd be flowing with hormones instead of lacking, but I have read that online too.

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