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Urethral exit bleeding?

I need a little help here! If anyone has had a similar experience or has any information that might help me I would be so grateful.

I've been having spotting in my underwear where my urethra aligns (It is above where I spot from vaginal bleeding). There has not been any visible blood in my urine, burning, etc. I was checked for a UTI and there was bacteria so I took cipro for 5 days (3 weeks ago), did another UA a few days following the antibiotics and the infection appeared to be cleared--but there is still blood appearing in my sample. I am still spotting in my underwear, did another UA--still blood.

I had a physical exam and the doctor cannot find any cuts, scrapes or irritation (including vaginal exam and she inserted to fingers and pressed to feel my abdomen--nothing also) so she hasn't been able to figure out what is going on. It doesn't still sound like a UTI to her (I agree) but she cannot find any physical markers of anything else.

It hurts a lot! It isn't like burning when I pee or anything, my abdomen hurts and it feels uncomfortable in my vulva (stinging). I'm not sure how to describe the feeling but sort of like something is going up my urethra and scrapping the sides of my bladder constantly. I cannot tell when I have to pee, I just go every couple hours to make sure I don't hold any urine in too long. Also, I drink a TON of water, but only seem to trickle a small amount of very yellow urine during the day. At night I usually have nice full pees (lol) that are very pale-to-clear, aka normal.

I've been seeing my GP for this but I also brought it up with my gastroenterologist (I have Crohns disease). She is also puzzled about what is going on since I am not seeing any blood in my urine. I would prefer my GP to complete treatment for whatever is going on (I know I may end up needing a urologist) because there seems to be a total lack of female doctors in my area. But I don't know what to bring up or suggest we look into. Any help would be amazing.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for all the replys. My peeing has been normal all day today but I am still in pain so I'll see a urologist ASAP.

2nd Edit//
I forgot to mention (kind of important too) that I have had blood tests and my kidneys and liver are functioning fine. Everything looks good except a couple things (esr is elevated and iron levels are low--my iron is always low and my esr is elevated because I am having a crohns flare).
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