sumrandomnutt (sumrandomnutt) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex = Pain = :(

Gah, I feel like I post here all the time. As much as I love VP, I wish I could STOP POSTING! Anywho, onto the problem.

My fiance was gone for two months for pre-deployment training. He got to come home for three days, so naturally sexytimes were highly-anticipated. Once we got down to business I was very aroused, lube was used, but HOLY CRAP IT HURT. The first time I had sex penetration did not even hurt that badly. This time it brought tears to my eyes. After a few seconds it subsided and we continued, and I thought all was well.

HOWEVER. Each time we tried to have sex following that, it felt like someone was shoving a hot poker into my vagina, despite copious amounts of lube and arousal. It was supremely frustrating, considering I knew we only had three days and wanted to make the most of it, but my fiance of course didn't want me to be in pain.

I experienced some almost unnoticeable spotting after sex a couple of the times, but I mostly attributed that to my period being due to start. Since I've been on my period, I've started using my new lunette cup, and it, too, has hurt upon insertion (even though I dabbed a little lube on it to ease things). Once it's in it's fine. I don't know if I'm inserting it wrong or this is a continuation of some other problem.

If it matters I had chlamydia a few months ago, but my most recent test after treatment (twice) was negative. I wondered if the antibiotics maybe gave me a yeast infection, but really I have none of the symptoms. So, what could this be? Should I make a dreaded doctor's appointment?
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