abalone99 (abalone99) wrote in vaginapagina,

Diva cup woes - humor

I had an absurdly crappy yesterday.  I hadn't eaten hardly anything in about 36 hours and had a bunch of crazy last minute plans canceled and was just generally not entirely mentally with it.  I got home in a tearing stupid rage and randomly decided that RIGHT THEN I needed to boil my diva cup which I only just got back in January or so and have come to love.  I put a huge pot of water on the stove, plunk it in, grab a beer, head to my room and start surfing the internet to try and decompress.  It starts working, which is lovely.  Fast forward several hours and I smell something unusual.  After a quick, "What the...." I realize, "OH #$$*@)%&#*$!&*!)$#&*!!!!!!!!" and race to the kitchen where my diva cup is smoking in a pot that's melting to the burner which, after I pull the pot off the stove, notice has cracked from the intense heat.  Le sigh....There was no saving the cup.  Once it cooled down It was all brown and hard and crunchy along one side.  $30 down the drain.  Who manages to burn their menstrual cup?!  Me, apparently.  Anyway, it was sucky, but humorous and figured other VP Superstars might get a kick out such a ridiculous event.  There's a lot of serious stuff here that I love, but figured a bit of funny couldn't hurt to share.  Mods - please let me know if this is not ok.

Next time, I will definitely set a timer. 

EDIT:  Oh my goodness, I am so glad to hear that other people have done this too. I felt like such an idiot last night. Thanks and keep them coming!
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