starlaborne (starlaborne) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missing period

Hey, could really do with some advice right now...

I had my last period on 1st-4th June. Had sex on the 5th but condom split so took the morning after pill. I then bled quite a bit from 7th-11th June. But I have no had a period since then. So I am guessing I am now 8 days late? But then maybe that bleed after taking the pill was like a period? I took a pregnancy test on Tuesday there - the 5th July & it was negative. My boyfriend & I were also careless around the end of June because I was certain I was getting my period. We had unprotected sex but he pulled out just before he came.

What do you think the chances are of me being pregnant? I keep feeling like I am getting my period but it hasn't showed up. I feel sick but I don't know if that is just from nerves. I am going to do another pregnancy test over the weekend but I just wanted some advice on it beforehand because I am worried sick. :(

Thanks so much.
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