neek_love (neek_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sea sponges + IUD

Hi VPers!

So, it's been, like, a day since I got my Mirena inserted and I already remember why I HATE pads. I feel like I'm wearing a freakin' full diaper all day. I usually use my lunette cup, but I tend to use a tug-low-then-break-seal kind of removal method and I'm not comfortable trying to use my cup until I feel my Mirena has settled (I'll take another look at it in 3-4 months). After using a cup I can't even imagine going back to disposable tampons, so I was looking into Sea Sponge Tampons. Does anyone here use these with an IUD? Compatability issues?

And in terms of using the sponges in general, what's the time frame usually like? I'm expecting my bleeding to mostly be spotting or light bleeding, so would it be reasonable to expect I could get through a full work day without changing? For those who do change them in public, what do you do if you don't have access to a sink? Do you use a wet bag like with cloth pads?

Thanks for your help everyone :)

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