Kayla Jay (hey_kayla_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Jay

prolonged spotting

 This question is from my sister, who does not have an LJ account;

Hey everyone! Last month, I got back on the pill (Lo Loestra). I decided to just skip the blanks and jump right to the next month. I did spot a little, but nothing major. Now, for the past week and half, I've just had this slow, light trickle. Its not even enough to soak a tampon. No pain, no odor. I'm still taking the pills as directed, but I haven two weeks left until the blank pills and when I am suppose to have my period.  Is it just my body trying to catch up from the period I tried to cleverly skip? 

I'm twenty three, sexually active with one child, and have no STD's.
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