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Update and new concerns: mouth sores and tears on anus

So, I posted last week about concerns over a bump on my vulva:

I went to Planned Parenthood the next day, and as expected, the woman who treats me said that it looked like a simple irritated follicle and that regardless, it was too healed to swab for herpes. She swabbed my cervix for yeast and confirmed that I did not have a yeast infection but found elevated leukocyte levels, indicating that my body was fighting an infection of some sort. She said that if I hadn't been tested for STIs a month prior she would have done STI testing, but that it was likely a bacterial infection of some type and gave me a dose of antibiotics to nix the burning sensation I was experiencing. I felt a little better, having touched base with a professional, but decided I will get blood tested for herpes again in a few months to check whether I have developed antibodies for either strain (I tested negative for both at the end of May). 

And then... other symptoms started showing up in new spots!

Two days after my appointment I noticed I was developing little canker sore type things on the inside of my bottom lip. They were small and more annoying that painful (sensing the swelling in the area all day was just uncomfortable) and I brushed it off at first thinking I was worrying too much about potentially having HSV. They were gone within 2 days, replaced by a larger one on the inside corner of my lip... this one disappeared in 2 days too, and now I  have 2 new ones, one on the inside of each cheek. Again, they are not particularly painful, but I am not someone who gets canker sores often at all. They have small openings in the center and are more like fleshy bumps than canker sores I have had in the past with those sore white blisters in the center. None of these bumps have been on any external/visible parts of my lips - all inside my mouth/lips. I know that both types of HSV can present in very different ways depending on the individual, but does it seem likely that this could be HSV-1? And then today when I pooped I noticed it was pretty uncomfortable/burny. This happens to me occasionally when I have large or hard stools, but this bowel movement was neither, which I found kind of odd. I took a shower when I got home this afternoon and when cleaning out the area realized my anus burned like crazy if I touched certain spots. I whipped out a mirror when I got out and found the culprits - 3 small tears/blisters in the skin at the top of my anus. Again, I have never experienced this before. I have pictures of these as well... NSFW! 
Album password is vaginapagina. You can see two of the torn areas in the pictures - one is more red and the other is more blue-ish/opened up. 

Sorry to keep subjecting this community to these images...they aren't pleasant to look at, but it's the easiest way to communicate what's going on. :( I know yeast infections can cause little cuts/tears, as can HSV... any thoughts on what's going on?!? I haven't inserted anything in my anus or had any difficult poos lately so... I don't know.

Honestly, with my body doing all of these things lately that it never has before, and with symptoms showing up after contact with a new partner, I'm pretty much convinced that I have herpes at this point. Feel free to chime in if you've had similar symptoms that turned out to be something else, though. I am going to go to PP again tomorrow to have the tears/blisters looked at, but I really appreciate the insight of community members here who have firsthand experience with such things. I just want to understand what's going on. Thanks again for any help/support you can provide.

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