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need to be worried?

 Hi everyone. I'm new to the community, new to livejournal as well. I have a bit of a silly question, and was hoping you guys could lend a hand. I'm twenty years old, lost my virginity a few months back and am REALLY paranoid about pregnancy. I was on Jazmin (sp?) for a little while but it completely messed with my body, so condoms are the only form of contraception we use. Last night my guy and I were just about done having sex, so I grabbed onto the base of the condom which was underneath me (reverse cowgirl, don't even know if this information will make a difference) to make sure it wouldn't slip off. As I grabbed it I noticed it was really...gooey? I'm not sure if this was the condom itself (trojan: thin, lubricated), him (because he did finish), or just me being really wet (although it didn't feel like thin lubrication, felt a little thicker from what I remember). I'm worried that it may have been him, and that I could become pregnant from this. Is this possible, or am I just being my overly paranoid self? Thanks much in advance. 
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