The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in vaginapagina,
The New Bubble Girl

post-sex bleeding?

Hey Superstars! So on Tuesday night I was having some digital (and by digital I mean 'with fingers') fun with my SO, and he was accidentally a little too rough, so I made him stop. I didn't think anything of it at the time, except that it hurt a bit (which is why I made him stop). Later that night, I saw that I was bleeding a little, but I didn't think too much of it; I'm due for my period this week at some point and he *had* been pretty rough. Flash forward to now: I've been bleeding since Tuesday night. Not enough to do more than stain my panties, but definitely enough to know it's there. It stings a little when I pee, but not UTI-level of sting, and it doesn't feel like the pain of a UTI. Also the blood seems to be coming from my vagina (I can feel it come out, like when you stand up when you're on your period sometimes). It's not the same color or texture as my period blood, so I'm guessing my man somehow managed to claw (oh it hurts to use that word! haha) my vag. But I'd think it would have clotted by now, wouldn't you? I"m planning on giving my gyno a call to make an appointment tomorrow during my lunch hour, but do any of you have any clue what this might be, and if so, how to treat it?
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