netacc (netacc) wrote in vaginapagina,

painful, tender, pink/light red lump

hi all, i tried searching, but i couldn't find what i'm looking for.

i have this painful, soft, tender, light reddish lump between my inner thigh and groin area - near the bikini line. it's hard to describe - it's not that much of a raised bump, but the light red shade takes up quite some surface area - like an average length and width of the tip of an index finger. it's painful when i wear tight underwear or squeeze my legs together....basically whenever i touch it.
it's been a while since i had sex (~an year)....could it be an STI? :( 

i've had variations of this in the past (even when i was a virgin), but it used to be in a slightly different area, closer to the bikini line than what i have now. i never knew what this was, and i don't know if it's the same type of lump that i have right now. in the past, it would appear roughly 3 times/month, and last about 1-2 weeks. i don't remember when this one formed, but i feel like it's persisted a little longer than that. also, the ones from my past were a little harder, unlike this one.

i'm really worried. can it be herpes? also, i have eczema. could it, at all, be related to this?
please help me, thank you! :)
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