fireaphid (fireaphid) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pubic Scarring

A recent post in another community included an article describing the dangers of the growing trend in pubic hair removal.  As a member of that community, I'm obviously not crazy about pubic hair removal, but I didn't consider the possibility that it was dangerous before reading that.  I can't help but notice that over 10% of the posts on this community concern pubic hair removal or herpes, which the article indicates may be linked.  Unfortunately, it doesn't link to any medical studies about the relationship between herpes and shaving (although I'd be thrilled if anyone with PubMed access could find one), nor are there statistics on the number of cases of severe scarring compared to the total number of patients seen. 

So, VP, what do you think?

EDIT: Sorry for upsetting anyone!  I wasn't trying to say this article was fact, since I, too, noticed that it doesn't cite sources.  I just thought it was in the category of "interesting if true, merits further investigation".  Also, apparently my text-based browser was why PubMed wasn't working. . .
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