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Waxing, dry skin, yeast and vibrators

I'm interested in trying waxing. I'll probably just start with a bikini wax to see how my skin reacts, first (I have sensitive skin), and go from there. How do I go about finding a good waxist? What should I look for, besides feeling comfortable around her? How do I tell if she's good?

I posted a while freaking out about a doctor's appointment/routine herpes test (which was negative, yay). The doctor basically said that it looked like the skin was kind of chapped/dry or possibly torn (she was... vague, to say the least). That was 2 weeks ago. I've been applying mass amounts of coconut oil to the area 2-3 times a day (occasionally pure aloe gel instead). Most days it's better, but it sometimes still hurts some. If I don't apply it, it will more than likely hurt. I've been patting the area after urination rather than wiping, which has helped (I get cheap toilet paper and pee at school [read: public restroom TP, ick] a lot, so I'm sure that didn't help matters). I don't use soap on the area, and I haven't in quite some time. I just spray the area with my shower head and slightly cooler water than my normal shower water. I pat the area dry with my towel afterwards. My laundry soap is an all-natural powder (washing soda, baking soda, a couple other natural ingredients - no fragrances or perfumes). I've noticed lately that other areas of my skin have been dry lately (this is why I determined that it was dry skin and not a tear or heat rash, which I was also suspecting). I've never had dry skin in the summer - in fact, normally quite the opposite. What could be potential causes for this? I have a good diet - no soda, occasional alcohol, but not frequent, loooots of water, good balanced diet with lots of veggies and occasional (a couple/few times a month) local free-range meat/fish. Could hormonal BC do this? I'm on Aviane now, was on Camilla last month, and was on Aviane the 2 months before Camilla. It'd be nice if I'm not stuck oiling up my vag twice a day for the rest of my life.

I have a chronic off-and-on yeast infection. By off-and-on, I mean it seems to come and go day-by-day. I eat yogurt (almost) every day (sometimes if I don't have time to make a fresh batch I go a day or two without any), and I've heard that coconut oil can fight yeasties. I'm wondering if my skin issues above may also be yeast irritation. It's at a point right now where it's kind of vague, so I'm unsure as to whether I even HAVE a YI, but it seems like there's sometimes just a mild over-flux of yeast. Slathering on the coconut oil each night and wearing underwear to keep it in ISN'T making this worse because of its anti-fungal properties, right? The first few days I did this I fought with myself, because on the one hand, dry skin and anti-fungal. On the other hand, warmer and more moist environment, even though it's not water-based moisture.

Nice and short: what's your favorite way to clean a battery-operated vibrator? Also, can you use battery operated vibrators for insertion?

Random update
I've posted a few times about my vaginismus and general size issues (I'm small and until recently a virgin, partner's not small at all), and I just wanted to squeal that we had sex a few days ago, and after having a panic attack (again) while in missionary, I got on top (which previously caused panic attacks) and got his penis all the way in (usually I'm lucky if I get it an inch or two in, and even then it's with pain) and without any pain at all! I didn't even realize it was all the way in. I don't know how long we did that, but it was for longer than usual - still not terribly long, but it's improvement - until I started feeling like I was being rubbed a little raw/sore, then we stopped for a few minutes, I asked how far in it got, he told me that was all of it, we cuddled, he said "I love you" seriously for the first time, and we did other things. Yay, milestone accomplishment!
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