soulsearch2010 (soulsearch2010) wrote in vaginapagina,

tampon woes

does anyone ever feel pressure on their anus/rectum after inserting a tampon?

i started usigg tampons 3 yrs ago and it was smooth sailing at first, no muss no fuss. love love loved it! then one day i think i inserted it incorrecctlyy. and ever since it has been hit and miss. 9/10 itss a miss. after a while i just got so frustrated and tired of wastggg time and money only to have a garbage full of wasted tampons thar i just switched back to pads :(

the problem is i feel like it's pushing against my anus/rectum which is umcomfortable and i feel like im gonna fart. sry tmi. plus after a few minutes i start to get a mild headache on the right side of my brain. i actually feel the same when a penis/dildo is inside of me (minus the headache) but the pleasure of piv sex keeps it frmm bothering me.

i've tried switching brands, different positions upon insertion, moving it more to the left or the right or the back (closer to the anus) or the front (closer to the urethra) and smack in the middle. i;ve angled it every which way, almost to the point of having it horizontal and i still get that uncomfortable feeling.

on the few occassions i get it right i can feel it sliding smoothly into me and then once i remove the applicator it's fine. i feel like there's nothing there, like i'm supposed to. but when i insert it incorrectly i know even before i remove the applicator b/c i cannot feel it sliding in although it is in, but once i remove the applicator i can feel it pushing against my anus.

i'm frustrated to the point of tears. being able to use them made my life soooo convenient and now im back to wearing pads that feel like diapers and stains on my underwear and messy vag or worrying a leak is gonna show. not to mention always having to hide my pad in my bra or pocket/purse when i'm walking to use the bathroom at work. i loved the discretion of a tampon. is it possible i created a dent inside my vagina on the wall that divides my vagina and my rectum from the first time i inserted it wrong thus opening the door for many unsucceesful attempts?

can anyone relate?
or describe what it feels like when u insert ur tampon correctly? are u positioning it closer to ur butt crack or closer to the centre of ur vag opening or even higher up close to the urethra before actual insertion?

i"ve considered switching to cups but (correct me if im wrong) arent they even wider than a tampon? which means pressure on my anus could be heightened? how far up does it go? i'm gussing not as high as a tampon since it's pulled out with fingers instead of a string.

any advice/tips is much appreciated. i"ll do a frigged handstand if it helps me get it in right. i'm desperate to switch back to tampons!

thanks. love this community. dont know anywhere or anyone else i feel safe and comfortable sharing this much info bout my tampon woes.

power to the vag! ;)
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